List of Research Articles

Volume I Issue I

1-   The Role of Stage of Motherhood, Work Commitment and Identity on the Well-being of Professional Women
        Jane Ogden and Philippa Bolton (P.hD.), University of Surrey, UK
2-    Application and Limitations of Total Quality Management in Higher Education
       By: Aishah Siddiquah (P.hD.), Lahore College for Women University and Nighat Sana Kirmani (P.hD.), University of the Punjab
3-    Art the Last Asylum
       By: Sadia Arshad, Lahore College for Women University
4-   Role Stress and Health Related Quality of Life among Secondary School Teachers
       By: Tehziba Kousar, Lahore College for Women University and Talat Sohail, Lahore College for Women University
5-   Effect of Immediacy on Teachers Acceptance in University Students
       By: Afifa Khanam (P.hD.), Lahore College for Women University

Volume I Issue II

1-   Institutional and Individual forms of Instrumental Violence: Variations across Culture and Gender
       By: Jessica Cheng, Irene H. Frieze (P.hD.) & Manyu Li (P.hD.)
2-   The Dilemma of MFN between Pakistan and India
        By: Aisha Shahzad (P.hD.)
3-   Self-control, Narcissistic Tendencies and Internet Addiction among Adolescents
        By: Maryam Iftikhar and Shahnila Tariq
4-   Alai Minar_ Pre-Mughal Architecture: A Contemporary Master Piece
       By: Maryam Baber
5-   A Comparative Study of British-Pakistani and Pakistani Primary Schools in London and Lahore
       By: Nusra Inayat (P.hD.)
6-   Review of Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5)
        By: Saima Dawood (P.hD.)

Volume II Issue I

1-   Impact of Goal Setting on Organizational Commitment Employee
       By: Amina Muazzam and Sarmad Tiwana
2-   Ratio Estimator for Multiple Regressors
        By: Naila Alam
3-   Problems Faced by International Students during Study Period
        By: Sarwat Iqbal, Maliha Nasir, Rafaqat Ali, and Mohd. Abaidullah
4-   Teacher Educators and Prospective Teachers, Current use of ICT tools in a women university of Pakistan:A case study
       By: Fakhra Aziz and Asma Shahid Kazi
5-   Relationship of Demographic Variables with Public School Heads' Transformational and Transactional Leadership
       By: Ehsan Mahmood and Riaz Hussain Malik
6-   Perception of Pre-Service School Teachers about Environmental Education
        By: Saira Taj and Shandana Ahmed
7-   Urban Design Futures
        By: Laiba Sundas and Afifa Khanam

Volume II Issue II

1-   A Qualitative Exploration of Psychological Experiences of IDPs in Bannu, Pakistan
       By: Tehmina Saqib & Rameesha Nareen
2-    Strategies of University Students to Cope with Academic Anxiety
       By: Sarwat Iqbal & Maliha Nasir
3-    Use of Technology and Moral Competence across Younger and Older Adults
       By: Farhat Jamil & Ruhi Khalid
4-    Krishna Playing Flute: A Chambā Rumāl at the Lahore Museum
       By: Mahrukh Khan
5-   Coping Strategies and Psychological Wellbeing of older Adults in Relation to Education
       By: Fouzia Gul & Saima Dawood
6-   Teacher’s Information, Communication Technology Competence and Their Attitude toward Use of Computers in University Of The Punjab
       By: Fakhra Aziz
7-   A Comparison of Mathematics Curriculum Documents of GCE O Level and SSC Systems
       By: Haleema Bano and Muhammad Saeed Khan
8-   Development and Validation of a General Adjustment to Aging Scale in Pakistan
       By: Zahida Ilyas & Amina Muazzam
9-   A study to investigate the importance of Creative Learning among Students and Teachers at Primary School level of Lahore District
       Nusra Inayat
10-   Marcel Proust And “A La Recherche Du Temps Perdu”
       By: Maryam Khalili Jahantigh & Mohammad Barani

Volume III Issue I

1-  A Study of students’ Self-Efficacy and Academic Achievement in Mathematics at University Level
       By: Sadaf Naz , Muhammad Iqbal Majoka, Habib Elahi
2-    Bonded Laborers: Women as victim Curse that Lingers on
       By: Subha Malik, Madiha Nadeem
3-    Effect of Media on the learning Attitude of Students at Higher Level
       By: Hina Munir, Muhammad Zafar Iqbal, Muhammad Yousef
4-    Higher Education: The Global Context and South Asian Development Countries
       By: Sadaf Jabeen, Mahr Saeed Akhtar
5-   Peace Education as a tool for establishing Long Term Peace: Secondary School Teachers’ Attitude and Perceptions
       By: Neelam, Habib Elahi Sahibzada
6-   The development of Surrealistically Flavored Expressionism in the Painting of R.M. Naeem
       By: Sadia Arshad

Volume III Issue II

1-  The Ecological Model of Education for Disability in Pakistan
       By: Alia Jawad , Mohammad Javed Iqbal , Dr Sadaf Zamir
2-    Relationship between Expressed Emotion and Expectant Mothers Psychological Well Being
       By: Ayesha Rasheed, Talat Sohail, Uzma Quraishi, Tehziba Kausar
3-    An Investigation of the Factors Affecting Organizational Commitment in Banking Sector Employees
       By: Iza Amjad, Aqeel Ahmad, Naila Amjad
4-    Royal Kitchens in Lahore Fort-A world heritage listed entity, history of evolution and reasons of decay
       By: Yasmeen Abid Maanl
5-   The Effects of Hindi Dubbed Cartoons on the Behavior of Children in Lahore
       By: Wajeeha Raees, Kiran Karamat

Volume IV Issue I

1-  An Investigation into Lecturers' Perceptions about Distributed Leadership in Public Universities in Nigeria
       By: David Jimoh Kayode, Nurahimah Mohd Yusoff, Arsay tham by Veloo, Rhoda O. Oduwaiye, Adaramaja A. Sheu
2-    An Exploration of the Effect of Gender on Use of English Language Learning Strategies
       By: Dr. Asma Shahid Kazi
3-    Work-Family Conflict, Job Stress and Job Satisfaction among teachers
       By: Hajra Maqsood, Talat Sohail, Uzma Qureshi, Tehziba Kausar
4-    The role of coloured books in developing interest and strengthening content knowledge of slow learners
       By: Dr Nusra Inayat
5-   A Study of the Impact of Scaffold Instruction on the Learning Achievements of Post-Graduate Students
       By: Numrah Aslam, Dr. Afifa Khanam, Hafiza Gulnaz Fatima, Hina Akbar
6-    Factors Influencing the Attitude of Urban Educated Women towards Politics
       By: Madiha Nadeem, Dr. Sarah Shahed
7-   Development of Sleep Disorders Scale through Expert Opinion
       By: Nudra Malik, Amina Muazzam

Volume IV Issue II

1-  Role of Formative Assessment in the Improvement of the Process of Teaching and Learning: at Higher Education in Sindh, Pakistan
       By: Noor Mohammad, Memoona Saeed Lodhi, Asma Shahid Kazi
2-    Undergraduate students’ use of vocabulary learning strategies
       By: Shabana Manzoor, Asma Shahid Kazi, Rakhshanda Naeem,Nusra Inayat, Noor Muhammad
3-    Exploring the level of Job Embeddedness among College Faculty
       By: Rabia Ghaffar, Ayaz Muhammad Khan
4-    Psychosocial Impact of Childhood Sexual Abuse: Perspective of Victims
       By: Syeda Shahida Batool, Arham Abtahi
5-   Augmented Miniatures: Misconception
       By: Maha Javeria Ahmad
6-    The Burden of Being a Man in a Patriarchal Society
       By: Farah Adil, Sarah Shahed, Hana Arshad
7-    Effect of Institutional Culture on the Moral Development of Children
       By: Hina Akbar, Afifa Khanam, Namirah Aslam, Hafiza Gulnaz Fatima, Noor Muhammad
8-    Exclusivist Ethno-Nationalism and the Future of Federalism in Pakistan
       By: Mohammad Younis & Mohammad Younis